Payment Gateways for Freelancers

Payment Gateways for Freelancers

Freelancers and agencies are always looking for the most efficient, speediest and cheapest payment gateways available to received payments from overseas. Paypal is earning the reputation for being an autocractic app and a law unto itself. This has forced many to look to Paypal alternatives.

Surprising there are alternatives and the list is growing. They are also offer much lower rates.

  • Wise – Claims to be the cheapest and fastest way to send money. I use Wise and it is fast. I receive international payments within two days.
  • Payoneer – Your Payoneer account is your key to unlock a universe of opportunities. Whether making international payments, receiving funds, managing your digital business, or accessing capital, Payoneer opens your business up to the world.
  • Yoco – Say yes to card payments. Still cash-only? Not for long. Yoco is a South African solution to accept payments from various methods but especially instant credit cards. You do not need their credit card machine. Sending a link from their website will ensure you can get paid.

I have not used the following service providers.

  • Revolut – One app, all things money. From easy money management, to travel perks and investments. Open your account in a flash.
  • Abela – Access your money, anywhere, anytime. Open your free account in minutes and start managing your money, your way.
  • Flutterwave – Endless possibilities for every business. Sell online, process payments, build financial products, or use business tools designed to grow your business.

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