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Hosting in South Africa

Updated: June 21, 2022
Reading time: 2 minutes

This is a list of hosting companies in South Africa. We will also mention a few international companies. The list is arranged from best to not so good based on our experience, reading various blogs and chatting to devs all across the world.

Hosting companies are a strange bunch. A few, like Afrihost and 1-Grid, offer many services so end up doing somethings really well and others not so well. So it really depends what you need from a host and what is priority to you and your business.

The most common type of hosting and cheapest is called Shared Hosting. Shared hosting is taking for example 1,000 accounts and putting them all on one server. This means that you sharing hardware resources with many people. This compromises your websites speed and security. If you hosting an e-commerce website then this option is a definite no-no.

Website Hosting

  • xneelo – a dedicated hosting service provider that recently introduced a self managed WordPress service. Their support has really more than impressed me since I have been using them.
  • Domains SA – I used domains because some clients host with them and always had their websites and emails with them. Their service offering and support is good. They too only offered hosting as a service. Recently they introduced a cloud based PABX service.
  • 1- Grid – 1 Grid is good for entry level requirements but can have terribly configured servers. I used 1 grid for many years before moving to xneelo.
  • Afrihost – I have a love hate feeling about Afrihost. They a very good host. Maybe they trying to offer too many services. With this tend to drop the ball from a service and support perspective. The latency on their servers are questionable. This means the time your web browser takes to render the website to your computer. The longer the latency, the slower the site. Here again I use Afrihost for client hosting, as I found them. I personally use Afrihost for my fibre line. The experience has been awesome and I cannot fault them here.

WordPress Specialised Hosting

  • Mshini – WordPress specialised hosting

International Hosting

  • Gridpane – Gridpane is considered the #1 platform to build your own world-class WordPress hosting & care plan service.
  • Gridhost –
  • Site Ground – a WordPress dedicated hosting service provider.
  • Go Daddy – I am only mentioning Go Daddy here as a warning to stay away from them. I have not read anything good about Go Daddy as a hosting provider.